Free Money From Paypal Again


Hello, how are you?
Hopefully good and healthy is always yes.
In essence fortune that we can get from anywhere, including from the internet.
At last November, may still remember a friend of the program whose name Paypal Wishlist.
Yes, just by referring people to join Paypal Wishlist, then you will be provided cash of $ 1 a person who you invite.
This month, the month of payment from Paypal Wishlist programs, I myself was getting paid by Paypal on the program. So it really proved to Paypal to pay.
Naah, at the end of this January, it Paypal reopen a similar program but just a different name, if used Paypal Wishlist, Free PayPal Cash now.
If used every 1 person we are we dapet $ 1, now every single person we are we can $ 20, it steadily.

Ok, it more clearly to follow the instructions below:

1. Go to link him with his CLICK:

2. Enter a valid e-mail you> check Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before signing up.
3. Select the gift you want and click Signup
4. On the next screen please fill in the name of> email> address> password etc. and then click register.
5. Open your email account, click on the link-given and signed with the account and password that was created earlier.
6. Once inside, select My Account> Your Referral Link, = "xxxx" (Referral link you).
7. Furthermore, please invite your friends as much as possible. Or can also enter a friend's email on the tab "Refer Your Friends" as much as 5 emails at once and use promo BENNER already provided in the Share> Banners To Promote Your Referral Link.
8. Another way is up to you, via email, blogs, chat etc, which include important links for your reference.

Not bad right ...!?, Could be $ 20-800. Do not miss this opportunity, and invite other friends, FREE ...!

This program is only for you who have an account in Paypal.
For those of you who do not already have an account at Paypal you can make it here:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

For you who do not know what it was Paypal, Paypal is the kind of Virtual Bank account, which allows you to receive payments or make payments or send money anywhere. Almost all accepted currencies in here.
But your money in your Paypal only able to transfer to your bank account once you verify with your credit card number.
But if you do not want to identify for security reasons or others, or maybe you do not have a credit card, you do not worry, because you still can verify if you do not have a credit card, with Virtual Credit Card.
We have had many people who sell VCC or Virtual Credit Card.
But you can only buy them through the internet, because this virtual nature.
Average - the average person to sell VCC is approximately 100 thousand - 175 thousand.
But I would recommend to you a VCC which is cheaper than all the VCC on the market.

VCC you can get it cheaper here:

VCC Murah Bahkan Gratis

Okay, may be useful

Warm greetings from my

Peace n Love


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