learn adsense to get many $$$, want please. . , ever not you heard message about somebody that produce thousands dollar from google adsense? ever you hear story although ctr- 10 % but produce 1-$5 every click?, ever you hope can unfold to how them can do matter thing and go into commission money truthfully from adsense? if yes, ready because i shall show to how the mentioned can so…. .

google adsense program advertising very incredible because involve network so big and millions website. this program is initially designs only shaped text advertisement with size variation, but now clear away to advertisement shaped picture. advertisement shaped text has showed the success because relevant towards conten/subjek that displayed from a site.

google adsense also one of [the] weapon very effective to all website publisher. because he can juggle site be engine produce money easyly and if used well so can produce income by dozens. however, if we don’t make use it well and maximal to produce income, so all the same as we allow money departure that available in front of eye.

to maximise income adsense we, there 5 matters whom we beed:

1. format and correct advertisement location.

2. target keyword (keyword) valuable.

3. as many as possible konten appropriate with target.

4. relevant site contents.

5. observe statistic google give well.

correct advertisement format.

in the kernel to produce money at adsense how increase click through rate (ctr). what the to it so much visitor at our site or keyword that has earning per-click- very expensive, but there is no visitor our advertisement clicking.

well, to maximise ctr, so there 5 rules that must be done:

1. use advertisement format the performance very good compared other. use format 250×250 rectangle.

2. put advertisement location correct and best care of our site yard (not place commonly use publisher in usually).

3. use correct colour combination, this matter will make visitor will felt interested.

4. make advertisement colour background equal to our site yard colour, or try resemble may be.

5. make advertisement without border (limit), with men-setting colour border equal to advertisement background colour.


correct words for existing yard adsense of vital importance.

because advertiser (adwords) only pay in certain keyword, and several has value very expensive compared other keyword. if subjek that discussed in our site is those matter is, and keyword that used not valuable, so advertisement that appear even also advertisement low the value.


will write konten rich keyword target of vital importance, and very suggested to write konten like every the day. but to begin pure road at adsense, we are necessary has thousands article ready for publicized.


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