good news makes publisher or player adsense, after long study successful manner google adsense , final google return to introduce payment manner adsense pass service western union to the publisher, as we know previous, some time then fitur payments passes this service ever is launched, but without clear reason, adsense final decide to deactivate this method, even previous also they are ever intend to take outside payment passes method wire transfer.

we not tau what method pays via western union this shall caused again or permanent will survive, but as publisher / publisher we expect this matter genuinely seriously and there is no cancellation unilaterally without clear reasons. definitive cheque livelihood manner from adsense to citibank pass payment from banks more difficulter have been done with reason also ill defined.

method western union supposed can as medicine at moment alternative more difficulter be done. for publisher that want to activate money payment / fund whom they yield via western union, so its way not difficult.

follow manner activates payment passes service western union :

1. sign in to www. google. com/adsense.

2. click tabulation my is account.

3. click link ‘edit’s and ‘payment details.

4. tick off western union quick cash.

5. choose ‘continue.

6. click ’save changes.

after process finished, wait few minutes, google adsense will send manner update notification containing email will pay us care of delivery: adsense-noreply@google. Com.

important to remember, when fill name for receivers western union, name that loaded must as according to your ID so that our liquefaction time must not be complicated. maximal per only as big as $2000 payment, if exceed that, so payment will be done in a few time. publisher will get payment with currency dollar, and conversion by via bank concerned.

please visit official link google adsense for payment method activator furthermore explanation western union:

in this time may be there tens blog local that write about list manner adsense and or manner pair adsense and most sensation and certain many at write goods news hits operative instant payment system passes western union (wu) for all publisher google adsense.

there three things necessary payed.

  1. payment wu can be done more than one. formerly, when does total earning adsense you exceed limit limit money delivery at wu, automatic payment will be done to pass cheque. now, google will send your income permanent with system multiple consecutive payment. for example, when earning you $3000 limit wu $2000, so you will get package cash wu as big as $2000 and $1000. payment be sent on different. example, first payment on monday and second payment on tuesday.
  2. money order wu must be taken at the latest 60 days after be sent by google. when not, so money will enter to return to account google adsense you. what ill defined is there penalty cost / dismemberment or not.
  3. money order wu can be taken at office pos,post closest or local banks that support or cooperate with western union. so that more certain it, please step into this yardand insert city name and your place country presents. ignore state and street address. before button “find a location near you”, ascertain you choose “quick cash” in part product. at livelihood result yard, you can see bank mailing-list and post office that can you visit to take salary adsense you.


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