may be many from we are doesn't know to how to increase traffic to web/blog, even until out money many for promotion. . . if same i am unnecessary pays even we are at pay, origin casts time 1 clock every the day, its way with pts (paid to surfing or te site)

I shall study how to, as follows:

1. must has minimal 1 posting blog/web that english-speaking, if not can english please have recourse uncle google here or use software translators (transtool) me very hate plagiatisme. . . . so don't once copas web english person property, if not your position at google search will fall. . .

2. join at pts. . please see here >>

3. surfing minimal 50 pages for beginning so that your account is mobile

4. then add url posting you a while ago at part my website then allocation hit you got a while ago (result surfing). . . then click save ((attention: don't add url has ptc, hyip or autosurf)

if at approve by admin pts you follow so your blog/web has enterred in rotation surfing member, do surfing if hit/credit you finished

benefit whom we get sebagi next:
1. traffic increase (to raise rank alexa and google homework)
2. who knows visitor a while ago interested with posting you and unite to be DL you
3. and certain it can money


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