ziddu be a website that prepare place for us keep our files likes ebook, music, film, photo etc. . unnecessary pay or free but with us keep our file at ziddu we even can money

we can payment as big as $0,001 when does file we save at ziddu be downloaded by another person. . .thought little so yes the payment? ? but with follow program ziddu we can get benefit in layers, for example. . .
1. traffic from web/blog we can rise drastic because our web prepare to download free, and visitor glad because can download free file + we can income from our file at download person
2. we can save space at web/blog we because all our files big we save at ziddu, so that access web/blog we not slow + income again. .
3. when does our file pirated our person even luck and can money: )

when shall we be paid?
we shall be paid by ziddu at the (time) of our income achieves $10
ziddu also give bonuses to referral as big as $0,1 for first file upload by person you referral

· click menu register
· contents form that given by ziddu
· your email cheque and click link affiliasi
· then logging to ziddu
· upload your file
· then place your files in place that makes easy for visitor web/blog you to downloaded it
congratulation try! ! ! good successful! !


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