Only Set Banner Get Dollar


only set banner get dollar? ? yes. information interestings for friend blogger. a service from profiledough with only set banner, we can commitee dollar. . . banner also can be installed at friendster, myspace, hi5, facebook, xangan or yuwie. a free service there is nothing wrong we try. can get dollar again. , . your the system will be paid per click and also per impression. will so if not there click even also we also be paid. great not? ? list prey, and pair banner, .
its way we are list formerly here = list
then step into get code, copy and paste script html, easy not?
moment first list, we later get bonuses 1 dollar, and we can take income or our commitee if achieve minimal 39 dollar via paypal. if not yet has account paypal list formerly here: list paypal.
a simple service, easy and agreement. easy way can only with set banner from online income congratulation try. .



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