PTR ( Paid To Read)


manner sign-ups! ! !
  1. click banner existing under
  2. click menu join > please enter your email address to sign-up:
  3. input e-mail you in its entirety
  4. click continue
  5. soon investigate inbox your email
  6. click website yg sent link banner signup url (address signup url, long blue coloured font, number two from under)
  7. so we shall be brought to aim a registration yard to fill datas as in under this:
  8. username: type name alias or your camouflage (is min 6 digit)s
  9. e-mail: your email address input
  10. first name: type name in front of you (must appropriate student ktp/card)
  11. last name: type your hind name (must appropriate student ktp/card)
  12. address: type address lives you (must appropriate student ktp/card)
  13. city: type your city name,
  14. state: type province name,
  15. zip code: type zip code
  16. country: type country name
  17. referred by: contents with raytomizu (if content" raytomizu" so be let) this must at contents let there your reference.
  18. select categories of interests to you: hope you tick off all category up to latest except delete me n no mail.
  19. select a payment method: choose liberty reserve
  20. payment account id: input account liberty reserve (that preced font u)
  21. password: input min 6 number digits (your easy remember)
  22. confirm password: input again 6 number digits above (password)
  23. last click button sign up so automatic money as big as usd 200 - usd 20.000 direct step into account you at where do you list. for cheque try to click my earnings.
  24. for your balance increase is every time, try to click paid to click, then click banner existing advertisements not? one valuable advertisement between us$ 1000 cents (us$10) until us 200000 cents (us$ 2000)! ! ! (will conceive dollar that we can! ! ! )





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