Make Manner Bill Liberty Reserve


Make Manner bill liberty reserve (lr):
  1. click this link: Liberty Reserve
  2. after you enter liberty reserve, you click create account
  3. afterwards there columns must you are contents:
  • account name that is your name (your name example joko susanto so written joko susanto)
  • password is written font blend and number makes easy you remember, so you will click will appear keyboard in screen will so you klik2 keyboard will appear that this is the purpose by security from hacker, minimal 6 characters (example: joko12345, anto2000 etc make easy you remember)
  • re-enter password that is repeating to return your password.
  • logging pin number all 5 digits
  • re-enter logging pin repeating to logging pin you
  • security question there 4 choices, mothers maiden name (mother name), city of birth (place born), high school name (tall school name), favorite pet, up to you want to choose which
  • or write your own make optional you in also can indonesian.
  • your for example chooses city of birth, make where was your born? or in where do you born indonesian?
  • answer make answer from your question a while ago, for example jakarta, or bandung etc.
  • personal welcome message your individual message makes to what want you make, write hi or good luck or likes you
  • first name that is your forename
  • last name that is your second name
  • company name make your name
  • your email email
  • address your home address (is example: jl. rose no. 47)
  • city your place city lives
  • country choose to choose your country name
  • state/region your place province lives
  • zip/postal code your zip code
  • phone your telephone number
  • date of birth that is date borns, date month and year
then insert code as described and click agree, easy not? well that very day you registered direct. afterwards register all your. necessary be payed after you sign-up lr (liberty reserve) must not give confirmation to your email so you must remember or best registerred account number you preced with font u, example u6300323, logging pin and password, because this is necessary moment you logging.


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